Setting the foundation for a more equitable culture

MAY 11, 2021

As a part of AlphaGroup’s continuous drive to enhance our culture, we enlisted the help of premiere consulting company Exude to host training sessions on April 15 and April 30 to ensure that every member of the team has a foundation of what is required to build and maintain an equitable workplace and to learn the steps every person can take to continue along their own respective DEI journeys.

Through the use of full-group discussion and breakout rooms, the AlphaGroup learned to create connections with their colleagues both within and beyond work-related discussions. We reviewed key terminology and assessed how those terms relate to our business. Team members were able to openly discuss what they believe an inclusive culture entails and the strengths and weaknesses of the AlphaGroup as we work to achieve our DEI goals.

Belongingness is Important to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Tolerance Inclusion Diversity Equality

Senior Human Capital Consultant – Jai McBride Calloway

We concluded the training by creating a list of actions we can take in our daily lives to promote a feeling of belongingness among the team. The AlphaGroup is eager to apply Exude’s training, and we will continue to use Exude’s resources to help us on this journey. We intend to repeat this training consistently and require it as part of our onboarding process for new team members.

The members of Exude offer diverse backgrounds and experiences. Jai McBride Calloway was the facilitator of our sessions, and her decade of experience in corporate and public D&I initiatives allowed her to tailor the sessions to meet the needs of the AlphaGroup and lead challenging conversations with ease. Calloway’s instruction offers a holistic approach to creating effective strategies that advance policy innovation, social and economic equity, and cultural competencies across organizations.   

Located in Philadelphia, Exude is a minority- and immigrant-owned business, founded in 1996, that prides itself on knowing that “when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best.” Exude has been recognized as a Best Place to Work from Central Penn Business Journal/Best Companies Group and Philadelphia Business Journal.

With this training and the myriad of initiatives led by our TIDE committee, AlphaGroup is proud of the steps we are taking to create a workplace where all team members can feel like they belong. We are excited to continue this shared journey toward making our office and our company a more diverse, equitable, inclusive environment.

At the AlphaGroup, we believe that the key to delivering the highest-quality work is through our culture. By creating the best possible environment for our teams, we are able to attract and retain diverse talent and ensure a community of equity and inclusion for everyone.