Quality is Paramount at AlphaBioCom, as Evidenced by its Leadership Role at TIPPA 2020

APRIL 6, 2020

There is no room for error in medical communications. AlphaBioCom has made this absolute since its inception in 2005. The company’s expert team of doctors, scientists, and ISMPP CMPP-credentialled medical publication professionals mandates knowledge, proficiency, transparency, integrity, and excellence in all their deliverables.

AlphaBioCom’s reputation for quality was acknowledged earlier this year when partner Stephen Douthwaite was invited to speak at The International Publication Planning Meeting (TIPPA) 2020, the annual gathering that culls an intimate audience of executive leaders in publication planning from pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device/diagnostic companies. As a guest speaker of TIPPA’s congressional meeting, Stephen created consternation amongst esteemed publishers and academia, suggesting that up to three-quarters of all peer-reviewed medical science publications may contain at least one major error.

Stephen Douthwaite of AlphaBioCom makes remarks at the TIPPA The International Publication Planning Meeting 2020.

“A scientific publication is a venerable piece of communication,” Stephen told the gathering. “It is endowed with trust and prepared meticulously to ensure the information received by medical practitioners can be used in their patients’ best interest.  Yet that scientific, peer-reviewed publication rarely receives the critical analysis it necessitates.”

In his address, Stephen presented evidence that more than 75% of peer reviewed publications contain one error, as per the scholarly articles by Constantino et al, in 2013. These methodological, numerical, or interpretive errors were found among 200 sequential publications across the three highest-ranking peer-reviewed medical publications. Unlike error rate analysis based upon a simple numerator and denominator calculation that grossly underestimates the findings, Constantino’s study of sequential publications, which didn’t rely on published errata, discovered the error rate is in fact far higher.

Stephen further tackled the proliferation of errors in drawing analogies to the airline industry by citing the work by Atul Gawande, renowned for his study of surgical errors. Gawande indicated that when checklists were followed, surgical and aviation error rates fell by more than 50%.

The AlphaGroup of medical communication companies (AlphaBioComAlphaScientia, and QSci Communications) commands quality assurance and quality control unsurpassed in the industry. Teams of highly certified doctors, scientists, and editors are responsible for conducting the highest standard of quality checks on presubmission work that Constantino conducted postpublication. This paramount focus on quality ensures that The AlphaGroup of companies deliver work that is error-free and as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Stephen shared statistics and studies on errors in medical communications. 

Check lists save lives. 

Learn more about AlphaBioCom’s focus on quality from Stephen Douthwaite’s TIPPA presentation as shown here.