Loves to learn, passionate about science

October 20, 2020

Carla Thomas, Scientific Technical Editor at AlphaGroup, might just be proof that there is a genetic predisposition for loving to learn and paying it forward. Her passion for learning, science, and volunteering runs deep in all she does to support others along their journey.

Her academic expertise is evidenced by her PhD from Clemson University in Environmental Toxicology; along with her professional certifications in project management, human resources, and Six Sigma process improvement. She shares this knowledge as an active member of the Project Management Institute and Toastmasters International.

Carla Thomas, Scientific Technical Editor at AlphaGroup.

Running to the finish line.

In her scientific technical editing role at AlphaGroup, Carla supports the writing team with fact-checking scientific manuscripts, abstracts, slide presentations, and posters for correct scientific interpretation of related literature. This includes constructing tables and figures, assisting with literature searches, and other modes of scientific content support.

Carla leveraged her technical skills and expertise in biological science in previous positions as well. She was a Scientific Editor with Cactus Communications and a Biological Sciences Content Developer and Editor at Course Hero, where she applied technical and academic expertise in biological sciences, environmental science, and chemistry to develop and edit content in accordance with specific quality standards, formats, and guidelines. She taught biological sciences as an Adjunct Faculty/Course Content Developer at Indiana Wesleyan University for the College of Adult and Professional Studies. Carla’s biological science knowledge was also critical for Halliburton Energy Services and Huntsman Corporation, where she served as a regulatory affairs and compliance professional for their health, safety, and environment divisions; and at the DuPont Company, where she was a regulatory biologist and project team lead in their Regulatory Affairs division and Crop Protection business.

Taking in the sun rise near her home in South Florida.

Her passion for learning and knowledge sharing extends in her personal life and hobbies. She provides guest lectures in biological sciences at local universities, volunteers at Junior Achievement Classroom Program events, and judges presentations at area science fairs.

When she is not engaged in scientific editing, Carla is running in charity races, ballroom dancing, and appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature as she watches the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean near her home in South Florida. Carla develops her public speaking skills by participating in events for Toastmasters International and provides audiovisual and technical support to her local church. Pre-COVID, she traveled internationally and soaked in the sights, and now explores these wonders by listening to audiobooks and podcasts. 


Ballroom dancing keeps Carla fit with flair.