How can Medical Affairs and HEOR work together more effectively?

APRIL 22, 2021

AlphaGroup Medical Communications is pleased to share its second episode in a series of podcasts with the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS). In this episode, we explore “How can Medical Affairs and HEOR work together more effectively?” It is available at

Elevate is MAPS’ industry podcast series that gathers thought leaders and stakeholders to explore current trends, define best practices, and empower the Medical Affairs function. The AlphaGroup-sponsored Elevate series features Kent Summers, PhD, AlphaGroup HEOR Strategic Lead and Stephen Camper, PhD, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Blue Earth Diagnostics.

To learn more about AlphaGroup and our expertise in medical communications, please visit our About page. MAPS members may continue the conversation at the organization’s community portal and new members may subscribe there.

We hope you enjoy this episode of AlphaGroup’s ongoing series as a part of Elevate. Stay tuned for additional programming events coming soon.