Hope and harmony a tasty treat as AlphaGroup gathers for a BBQ social

MAY 26, 2021

Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings. And as the AlphaGroup of Medical Communications companies moves forward with its plan to gradually reopen the King of Prussia, PA, office to its staff, the organization took the time to gather for some relaxing food and fun with a parking lot barbecue social after working hours on May 19. The event also proved to be a welcome opportunity for many of the newer employees—particularly those hired within the past year who have exclusively worked remotely—to meet their colleagues face-to-face for the first time and tour the office.

The outdoor dinner was catered by Brad Webb’s Southbound BBQ food truck and included a live acoustic performance by local musician Mike Maguire. The event drew close to 50 employees and their guests and pets to gather in a relaxing atmosphere to get to know one another.

“AlphaGroup prioritizes creating a community of belonging for the many people and organizations with whom we work,” said AlphaGroup Co-Founder and Partner Stephen Douthwaite. “We were absolutely delighted by this event that brought together our existing team as well as its newest members who joined the company over the past year.”

The barbeque social is the first in a planned series of events designed to help team members and families feel at ease in their return to a socialized world. The combination of sunshine, good food, and live music also served as the ideal opportunity for the newer employees to step inside the AlphaGroup office for the first time.

AlphaGroup employees and guests gather for a BBQ social.

Team members enjoy their return to a socialized world.

“Because the organization continued to grow so rapidly despite the pandemic, many coworkers were meeting for the very first time,” said AlphaGroup Operations Coordinator Sirage Yassin. “This event allowed us to offer small groups a tour of our office and to share our plans for its transformation to embrace the new hybrid model of work from home and office.”

This get-together—featuring a menu that included pulled pork and mac’n’cheese—put in motion AlphaGroup’s goal to encourage everyone to practice complete transparency on individual comfort levels regarding in-person meetings. And it allowed attendees to enjoy their food and live music as close or as far apart from colleagues as they were comfortable.

The outdoor dinner was catered by Brad Webb’s Southbound BBQ food truck.

“I had such a great time playing live and I hope everyone enjoyed the music,” said Maguire, whose new album, Right on Time, can be streamed or purchased on all major music portals. “It’s really exciting to be inching back to normalcy after the lockdowns and quarantines of the last year by getting fresh opportunities to play at events again.”

We are grateful for all who joined in this first of many planned events that we hope will serve to uphold AlphaGroup’s principals for Precision, Integrity, and Passion.

The event included a live acoustic performance by local musician Mike Maguire.