Go Fish! The art world welcomes the newest exhibit from AlphaGroup’s Annie Lawrence

MAY 7, 2021

The show must go on. Even if it’s a bit later than originally anticipated … and at a different venue.

AlphaGroup creative services manager Annie Lawrence doesn’t just use her impressive design skills for the benefit of the company and its expanding roster of clients. She’s also a talented digital artist and illustrator. Her much-anticipated spring 2020 exhibit at Philadelphia’s renowned Bar Amis was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent temporary indoor gathering limits and restaurant closures.

Though the date and the venue may have changed, Lawrence’s artwork will still have the opportunity to be seen by the public. Her newest collection of digital art is now on showcase at Go Fish! Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar in her hometown of Sinking Spring, PA.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to share my work with those who knew me while in high school and college,” Lawrence said. “At that time, I enjoyed working with the traditional medium of charcoal and pencil on paper while pursuing a career as an art consultant. This new exhibit unveils my current passion for the digital medium that reinvents my love of traditional hand drawing using the program Procreate.”

Her showcase at Bar Amis will go on as planned as well when the venue reopens in June, though no specific dates have been announced.

“Happy Hour” | Annie Lawrence is a digital artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. She is seen here with her art collection now on display at Go Fish! in Sinking Spring, PA.  

“San Andres”


Lawrence lives with her husband in Philadelphia. The past year in quarantine has given her more time to devote to honing her skills and experimenting with color, style, and placement. On trend with the art world at-large, Lawrence now leverages her keen eye to explore interior design and create custom art for the empty walls in homes and businesses.

“Design is my hobby, my passion, my hustle, and I am dedicated to this life of artistic creation,” Lawrence said. “The art industry’s evolution to a virtual platform, a larger audience of collectors, and the desire for fresh talent and affordable work is an exciting opportunity for evolving artists like me.”

When not pursing her personal artistic endeavors, Lawrence is breathing life into AlphaGroup’s world of medical and scientific communications. She leverages her distinctive eye to detail and composition in this challenging industry while overseeing the design team to create medical posters, slide decks, infographics, illustrations, graphics, and other visual deliverables for the company’s diverse client base. Her creative talents transform scientific concepts and information into comprehensive, compelling visual outputs.

To experience Lawrence’s work, a few of her pieces are available at www.anniesnax.com. Or visit her showcase at Go Fish! on display through May, or the upcoming exhibition at Bar Amis.

In addition to her passion for art, Lawrence is an animal lover and an active supporter of ACCT Philly, Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, where she donates her time to help raise money by drawing portraits of pets and animals in need of adoption.