AlphaGroup Drive Promotes Menstrual Product Security

April 15, 2021

Evolving from humble beginnings as Women’s History Week in 1981, the month of March has been marked as an opportunity to specifically feature the too-often-overlooked achievements of women throughout our country. Each year, the month is celebrated with a theme, with 2021 focusing on women’s political involvement throughout the centuries, highlighting women’s suffrage to honor “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced.”

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Even though lack of income can be supplemented with human services/food assistance programs, many of these do not cover the cost of menstrual products, and purchase tax makes them further inaccessible for those in low-income communities.

This can lead to a cycle where 1 in 5 women miss work, school, or events due to period supply insecurity, according to the Alliance for Period Supplies.

AlphaGroup dedicated the month of March to working toward a solution. Inspired by the and using the resources provided by the Alliance for Period Supplies, AlphaGroup conducted a “Period Product Supply Drive” to collect packages of pads, tampon, liners, and wipes to donate to community centers around Montgomery County, PA, and Northern New Jersey. We also donated money to the Alliance for Period Supplies and the National Diaper Bank Network.

We split up into three teams and competed to see which group was able to raise the most funds and supplies. We enlisted the help of family, friends, and the community to gather the products needed.

The winner was our Shared Services team, cleverly named “Meryl’s Menstrual March Madness,” which collected a total of 385 packages and raised an additional $488.

In total, the company collected 661 boxes and raised an additional $741. We delivered the packages to Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center, Phoenixville Area Community Services, The Phoenixville Women’s Outreach,  The Daily Bread Community Food Pantry, and the Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank. .

We are proud of the work the teams put into this event to help our community members battle menstrual product insecurity. We hope to see this drive continue and grow over the coming years.

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The AlphaGroup TIDE Committee – Janel Gluch, Vanessa Borkhoche, and Angie Schaefer