The AlphaGroup Brew is percolating with new ideas and initiatives as we embrace our 2021 team pledge to respect, trust, and care for each other. We are pleased to share how we are working to meet this resolution by leveraging our pillars of Precision, Integrity, and Passion.

The AlphaGroup Pledge to Diversity and Inclusion

To realize the company’s FOEs Against Discrimination (Fairness, Opportunity, Equality) goals, AlphaGroup formed an internal committee to actively advance and integrate this initiative.

In February, AlphaGroup introduced the TIDE (Tolerance, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality) committee. This acronym shares our core principles to support all races, religions, ages, abilities, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientations. The TIDE committee has also created a charter, mission, and vision for what we intend to be a critical cornerstone of our corporate culture.

The TIDE vision is for an agency that is reflective of our diverse community and clients; a company culture of openness and accountability; individual responsibility for equitable, inclusive, and welcoming practices; and a reputation as a diverse and philanthropic workplace.

The AlphaGroup TIDE Committee – Angie Schaefer, Vanessa Borkhoche, and Janel Gluch.

Our People are Paramount

AlphaGroup offers resources for support and opportunities for levity so our team may find relief as our nation continues to cope with the changes and challenges that the coronavirus has brought upon our work habits and home lives.

SharePoint Page: An online “safe space” webpage for employees to share gratitude, examples of good will, and areas of concern so we may address these topics and offer solutions where needed. We also house here a library of additional resources and experts to help support our team with matters both work- and home-related.

Mindfulness Portal: An innovative e-learning platform to Studio BE – our partner in mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), psychological inquiry, emotional intelligence, conscious communications, and yoga asana (physical yoga poses) – that offers a multitude of assets, videos, and exercises to help navigate these mercurial times.

Department of Fun: We continue our emphasis on “fun along the way,” hosting interactive virtual events so team members may take a break from work and enjoy time with their colleagues. Our most recent event celebrated the return of societal norms and civic decency. We enjoyed some quality laughter as our teams squeezed their creative juices sharing “good etiquette” tips in the days of COVID, how they would mind their “Ps” and “Qs” in English court, and why “winningest”is not a word (Managing Editor’s note:“winningest”most certainly is a word).This virtual event included a team challenge to recreate famous scenes from British period costume dramas and as to be expected,“Pride and Prejudice” was well represented!

Industry News

AlphaGroup is sharing its expertise in scientific and medical affairs communications with insightful contributions for the industry.

MAPS Podcast Series: Kent Summers, RPh, PhD, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Strategic Lead for AlphaGroup; and Stephen Camper, PhD, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Blue Earth Diagnostics, kicked off the first of a series on HEOR podcasts with the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).The two experts explored building HEOR capabilities within Medical Affairs. Listen here to their dynamic discussion and stay tuned for our next podcast, which further explores this topic.

HEOR White Paper: How do healthcare decision makers weigh their options on the various uses, benefits, and costs associated with pharmaceutical products and medical devices? They rely on the meticulous science of HEOR. AlphaQsci, focused on setting a new standard in delivering the highest quality and most comprehensive HEOR services in this sector, shares how we do this. Kent Summers shares his expertise in AlphaQsci’s recent white paper exploring the complex structure, process, and outcomes of this critical aspect of scientific communications. Read more here.

ISMPP Sponsorship: AlphaGroup is pleased to announce its corporate sponsorship of The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), to help further the ISMPP’s vision to become the leading global authority on the ethical and effective communication of medical research to inform treatment decisions. In addition to supporting ISMPP’s events and resources,AlphaGroup is donating time and expertise by participating in various member committees to further ISMPP’s education and growth missions.

In This Together

As we eagerly await the continued rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the gradual reopening of America, AlphaGroup members forge ahead on our own physical health. What we have learned is that life is not a sprint, but rather a marathon on which we work as a team.

Socially Distanced Marathon – AlphaGroup proudly sent teams to participate in The Philadelphia Half- Marathon and Marathon in November of 2017 and 2019. While the weekend-long event was cancelled in 2020, AlphaGroup made sure it was represented anyway. We enlisted 20 athletes from among the staff who combined to run, roll, or walk an impressive 27.5 miles. The purpose of the virtual marathon relay was to promote fitness, tradition, adaptability, and teamwork.

Clean and Collaborative New Office – As we prepare for an eventual return to the office, our goal is to provide confidence and tranquility to all of our employees so they may continue to thrive in the environment we have embraced for more than 15 years. While we are regularly following state mandates and surveying our staff on their individual comfort, we are pleased to unveil a host of additions at our headquarters including a vibrant new entryway to showcase our new branding for AlphaGroup, AlphaBioCom, AlphaScientia, and AlphaQsci; various personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety protocols; proper social distancing and protective barriers at each workstation; a rotating in-office schedule; and new break room appliances and contemporary seating.

And We Quote

“Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are.”

—Hafsat Abiola, Nigerian Activist