Our Approach

Who We Are

—The AlphaGroup is a team of scientific and medical affairs communication specialists supporting AlphaBioCom, AlphaScientia and AlphaQsci agencies.   The company is made up of PhD scientists, MDs, PharmDs, nurses, designers, communication and innovation experts.

Their collective genius delivers the highest-quality scientific, medical affairs, and outcomes communication services anywhere in the world.

AlphaGroup is built on three pillars of success—Precision, Integrity, and Passion.

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of quality, caring, cutting-edge thinking, and service across a team that is reinventing the medical and scientific communications industry standard globally.


—A dedication to recruiting, training, and retaining the very best scientific medical writers and designers, account staff, and operations teams

—A unique, industry-leading, separate QC department led by a PhD

—A design team that works alongside the scientific team to ensure precise and medically accurate visuals

—Deeply rooted belief that what we do is essential to the practice of medicine, that medical diagnoses and treatment decisions are predicated on information healthcare providers receive


—Recognizing each human being as integral and essential to delivering the highest quality

—Operating openly and transparently to ensure mutual trust and inspire collaboration

—Fostering an environment of individual expression and professional ambition

—Embracing diversity across all aspects of humanity for a universal oneness


—Vigor for individual, community, and organizational evolution

—A company dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and celebrating cross-departmental experts in science, design, operations, and management

—Inspiring, mentoring, and motivating team members across the group to be active participants for good in the communities in which we work and live

—A collective appreciation and commitment to delivering the highest-quality service in the industry

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