ABC Embraces Mother Earth

APRIL 22, 2020

Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of protecting our environment to ensure a safer, healthier future. In 2020, this commitment begins by supporting our AlphaBioCom team at home as we plant for “Operation Love on Earth Day.” This initiative includes the delivery of special at-home vegetable gardening packages to our staff while staying safe and working from home. This nurturing of one’s own garden is a metaphor for our company mission to cultivate relationships with our clients whilst simultaneously supporting the local community as a whole.

As we continue our push towards sustainability, we will send weekly emails to provide our staff with new ways to make their homes, home-offices, and lives a little greener. This includes a reminder every Friday to power down laptops, monitors, and any additional office equipment for the weekend. We also have a series of “green” articles offering tips for shopping ethically and sustainably, recipes for environmentally conscious weed killers, recommendations on how to compost, and DIY plant labels from recycled materials. Other topics will include recycling reminders, solutions for common recycling errors, easy sustainable swaps, and B-Corporation product highlights.

Growing Gardens at Home in Support of AlphaBioCom’s Green Initiatives

Since our inception, AlphaBioCom has committed to reducing its impact on the environment with policies and practices that help make the Earth greener. This includes installing recycling paper bins within our workplace and using recycled paper and stationery. In addition, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products along with reusable coffee filters and fair-trade beans. To promote a greener atmosphere, we have invested in mood-boosting plants and foliage that are good for the environment and our staff.

AlphaBioCom Supports Local, Ethical Companies that Share the Same Passion for Living Green

Our commitment to Mother Earth extends into the local community by sourcing products and services from small businesses close to home who share in our ethical and sustainable pledge to reduce our footprint. Once back in the office, we are introducing ethical disposal for batteries and electronics and going digital on all in-office paperwork, reducing the use of our printer through digital employee communications and HR paperwork.

Recycling Paper is Part of our Pledge to Reduce our Impact on the Environment  

Finally, we are working on achieving sustainable business certifications through Green America and  B Corporation which requires we demonstrate how we safeguard a green work environment for the long term. AlphaBioCom is also looking into additional certification through the Green Business Bureau and EPA.

We ask our staff and community to help AlphaBioCom further grow our greening initiatives by recommending local, ethical companies that share in our passion. Please contact us directly at to offer ways we may improve our sustainability and achieve even better green business practices.

AlphaBioCom Honors Earth Day 2020 with “Operation Love”